Terry enjoys a Feast in the Forest

Terry enjoys a Feast in the Forest

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On a bright spring day I drove out from London to the Feast in the forest, situated in Chalfont St Giles which is about 30 minutes north of London. Driving is the best option if you can. If you go by public transport you have to get a cab to the venue. The ticket cost of the feast is not cheap and they might wish to consider a shuttle service from the local train station if the demand was sufficient.

Precise e mail directions are sent to you which are necessary as Sat Nav directions direct you elsewhere.

Upon arrival you park in a field and then congregate under a large tree with a bar and are offered a complimentary drink and nibbles. This gives you a chance to meet other attendees. The group on this day were mainly couples of an age range mainly 40+ with quite a number being 55+ in a group of approximately 50.

We were then taken on a foraging tour which focussed on a recently constructed kitchen garden, where some of the ingredients we were to eat later were being grown, such as Globe artichoke and radishes.

From here we were introduced to wild ingredients in the forest such as three legged leeks which is like wild garlic and sorrel which were all on the menu.

After the tour we were guided to our table. It seemed like they had placed us in groups according to age. The group I dined with were like minded and shared common interests such as good food. The tables were under a canopy which would be essential if you were to attend on a day of inclement weather. Each course was served with an explanation of the ingredients and how it was prepared. You could buy wine or beer to accompany your meal from a wine list provided.

I am sure it would be quite atmospheric at night with the light of open fires and tree lighting. The toilets might be an issue for some 55+ as they were dark and raised from the ground with quite a step up.

In conclusion a pleasant three hours, which was informative about the food sourcing and grown totally organically.Differing dietary needs were catered for as you were sent a questionnaire in advance of your particular requirements which were checked on arrival.

The food was well presented in a very unusual forest setting. The meal of three courses concluded with the opportunity to roast marshmallows over an open fire and drink a hot herbal brew of lemon balm and nettles. This gave you a chance to meet other people who had dined on other tables and share your experience.

It is a very weather dependent experience and I would suggest sturdy shoes as you are walking through forest on uneven surfaces and textures. I would also bring layers of clothing and a waterproof jacket if any rain is forecast as you are exposed to the elements at all times.

Learn more about the Feast in The Forest experience.

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