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Park foraging walk

by Earthwild

from £35

Uncover the hidden world of plants, trees and fungi on your doorstep. Learn how to identify and use wild species for food, tasting edibles as we go along.

Foraging is an ancient skill which is becoming increasingly popular as a way to incorporate more fresh sustainable food into our diets, and reconnect with nature and our ancestry at the same time. You will be amazed at all the wonderful wild flavours and ways to enjoy them!

Earthwild's guided walk will focus on what is available seasonally a mix of plants, trees and fungi. We will taste a variety of wild edibles, plus sample food and drink tasters which have been made from the species met on our walk.

We will cover:

— Forager’s code: essential safety, sustainability, seasonality and legalities
— Botany or mycology basics: introduction to identification
— History and uses of a variety of plants, trees and fungi
— Selection of wild flavours to taste

Your guide:

Gemma is an enthusiastic ethnobotanist, interested in the changing relationship between people and plants over time. She has studied and worked with wild plants, trees and fungi for food, medicine, and traditional crafts for 20 years, leading guided walks since 2010 and wild cooking workshops since 2016. She has a masters degree in public understanding of environmental change, studied botany with the BSBI, and certificates in food allergies, hygiene and catering. She loves nothing better than introducing people to the wonderful world of foraging.

Photos and copy are from Earthwild's website.

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Our crew explores

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Where is it?

Norwood, South London

Safety measures

Government’s guidance on how to stay safe and help prevent the spread of coronavirus can be found on website.