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Treasure hunt experience

by HiddenCity

from £25

Hidden City Adventures provide an option of three treasure hunts taking you around different parts of London, guided by clues sent to your mobile phone: Moariaty's Game, The Hunt For The Cheshire Cat and The Enchanted Mirror.

The walks are set in the real world and do involve you interacting with various people along the way – such as going up to a barista in a certain coffee shop and telling them that the white knight sent you (not an actual clue, by the way!).

It will involve real detective work and the clues are quite challenging, but this all adds to the sense of achievement when you actually figure them out. You should think of the experience as a day out, rather than a brisk walk.

The games have been set up with great care by people who are interested in London because they bring you through surprising areas and spaces that you would not otherwise see.

It is a good social activity, that involves interacting with both unknown people and members of your group, you get a nice sense of achievement when you complete it, and most of all it is fantastic fun.

Copy is by Life You Deserve team, photos are from HiddenCity's website.

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Where is it?

The Marylebone Pub, 93 Marylebone High St, London W1U 4RE

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